Oil and Gas

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Our desire is always to produce a consistently high quality product that will be in strong demand.

Continuous monitoring of our in-process and finished products is essential in ensuring such an outcome. It is our goal to develop and improve our activities from the very beginning of the supply chain right through to ensuring our clients trust our ability and capacity to consistently deliver products that exceed international standard and specification.

Essential to meeting our goal is the physiochemical and microbiological examination of every batch of product we produce. We have modern and well equipped Laboratory to monitor the quality of our raw material in-line products and ascertain quality of our finished products.

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Our entire team in the factory understand and seamlessly implement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). We keep to Good Manufacturing Practices by adhering to stringent hygiene standards, efficient process control, continuous quality assessment, regular training and compliance with set operating instructions. We periodically identify potential hazards, assessing the risk, providing solution, measuring the solution and implementing the solution within an integrated policy.

Historical concern that GMP and HACCP is difficult to implement in origin factories is no longer tenable. Combination of improved understanding, better management and modern manufacturing systems allow a high level of quality and efficiency of production to be achieved at any location. No half measures and short cuts in our implementation of GMP and HACCP.